What happens at my first appointment?


Your first appointment is usually for a consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your treatment wants and needs and formulate a plan. Our surgery will provide a written fee estimate before commencing treatment. We try to avoid jumping straight into starting work if at all possible because experience has shown that time spent planning your dental treatment pays off later on in so many ways.


Of course, there are exceptions; if for example you have been referred to our hygiene department then we will probably be able to do your clean at your initial visit. When you ring to make your initial appointment our receptionist will be able to discuss this with you.


If you have been referred by another dentist or medical practitioner, please let our receptionist know when you make your appointment, as there may be some extra preparation we need to before you come in.


If you are taking multiple medications, or have multiple allergies, bringing a list with you is a great idea.

About Hospital Visits

There are some procedures that are just not feasible to get done in the dental clinic. Removing deeply impacted wisdom teeth is an example that springs to mind. A young child who needs extensive treatment is another...

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