About the Surgery

Our practice is focused on family dentistry with a particular emphasis on the prevention of dental problems and the maintenance of dental health.

About Mark

Dr Mark Brisley BDS, (Syd), BscDent(Hons). Dr Mark Brisley has worked as a general dental practitioner in Port Macquarie since 1990.

About Bronwyn

Bronwyn Falconer is a registered dental hygienist and therapist who is trained in the assessment and treatment of periodontal disease.

Graduated 1991 Certificate in Dental Therapy from the Westmead School of dental therapy, Sydney. Associate Diploma in Dental Hygiene from TAFE South Australia 1998.

About Brooke

More about Brooke later...

About Our Staff

About Hospital Visits

There are some procedures that are just not feasible to get done in the dental clinic. Removing deeply impacted wisdom teeth is an example that springs to mind. A young child who needs extensive treatment is another...

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