How to find us

Map and Office Hours

Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm

Friday Morning 8:30am to 12 noon

We are on the fifth floor of the Jim Boardman Building (The JBC), which is opposite the Horton St entrance to Port Central, and next door to the Westpac bank.


Parking Recommendations

For early morning appointments, it is usually easy to find a parking spot in Horton Street, just opposite the building.

After 10am, the CBD can get busy. It may be simpler to park in the Port Central Shopping Centre carpark, and walk accross. The entrance to the shopping centre carpark is via Murray Street.


Port Macquarie Taxis have their main rank directly opposite our building.

Community Transport

Community transport drivers can access the rear of our building via Barracks Lane.

About Hospital Visits

There are some procedures that are just not feasible to get done in the dental clinic. Removing deeply impacted wisdom teeth is an example that springs to mind. A young child who needs extensive treatment is another...

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