General Dentistry

Regular dental appointments have become a lot easier over the years. White fillings are standard. Porcelain veneers, crowns and implants can recreate the beautiful smile you once had (or always wanted!).

Prevention has become a big part of modern dental practice - a trip to the dental hygienist is now part of a routine associated with a healthy lifestyle. At our dental clinic we actively support patients while they get the treatment they need, and just as importantly help them stick to an effective preventive programme. The end result? A lovely smile with fewer unexpected bills!


Wisdom Teeth

It is possible to get your wisdom teeth out in the surgery, with the option of sedation if you wish… Dr. Brisley also operates at the Private Hospital on Friday mornings for those cases where a full anaesthetic is necessary. The first step is to ring our surgery to arrange a consultation.


Gum disease

Gum disease (also called periodontal disease) is now the leading cause of tooth loss in Australia. Bleeding gums or bad breath is a sign that the bacteria around teeth may be eating away the jawbone. These bacteria can get into the bloodstream and are then also linked to heart disease.

The good news is that these days so much more is known about the cause and how to treat it. It is now possible to limit the damage and adverse health effects of gum and jawbone disease through regular dental hygiene treatments. Accurate assessment is the starting point, followed by cleaning and instruction in home care to prevent relapse. Bronwyn Falconer and Brooke Pauls have undertaken training in the techniques to treat gum disease.


Children’s Dentistry

A comfortable, friendly environment is essential when it is time to take the kids to the dentist. Keeping up to date with the latest developments in children’s dentistry is an important part of the role of dental therapist. We take the time to do both.

At our dental clinic we are pleased to be able to cater to all ages of children and all aspects of general paediatric dentistry, from simple checkups to hospital admissions. Bronwyn Falconer is our registered dental therapist and has had many years experience with child patients.


Special Needs

Sometimes just getting in to the dental chair can be a challenge. Older patients and those with special needs often require individual treatment plans that reflect this fact.

Sometimes the needs may be complex, requiring a trip into hospital and co-ordination with specialists; sometimes the needs may be a simple as keeping appointments comfortable, with plenty of rest breaks. Our location, in the centre of town, close to public transport and taxi rank makes getting here easier. Our lift means no steps!


Low Dose Digital Xray

Our surgery uses the SIDEXIS digital radiography system Digital radiography is the modern way to take dental xrays. Our system uses an electronic sensor to capture an image to be stored on a computer. The image can be viewed and also enlarged and manipulated so the details are visible. Another advantage of digital radiography is that it uses a much lower level of radiation - a reduction of 80-90% compared to conventional dental xrays.



If you have a lot of existing dental work, or if it has been several years since your last checkup we may recommend checkup (also called bitewing) xrays - these are usually one on each side.


Crown and Bridegwork-Single Visit Crowns

Our surgery is equiped with a state of the art PLANMECA CAD CAM machine. For many people, crowns can be prepared and placed in a single visit.Traditinal porcelain and gold crowns still have a place however - fortunately Mark has had 25 years experience in these.



The field of dental implants has prograssed dramatically over the last few decades. What was’nt possible even a few years ago is now routine. The techniques are now safer and a lot can be done in the dental clinic. Our surgery places implants for the replacement of single or multiple teeth. For complex cases we call on the assistance of local dental specialists.


CDBS - Child Dental Benefit Scheme

This is an Australian Government Funded scheme designed to improve the dental health of eligible children. It provides up to $1,000 of treatment of a 2 year period. Our therapists bulk bill under this scheme. To find out if your child is eligible, call Stacey or Rebecca, our front desk staff.


Removal of Wisdom Teeth

You may have been told by your orthodontist that they need to come yout. Maybe your hygienist has detected they are impacted, or they are just getting sore. Either way, it looks like they have to go. The first step is to get a proper OPG Xray from the local radiologist (Our receptionist can arrange this over the phone for you) Then come in for a consultation where we go over all the details. If they are shallow they can be removed at the dental clinic if you wish. If they are very deeply impacted or if you just don’t want to be awake then a trip to hospital is best. We go to the Private Hospital on Friday mornings.


Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

Sorry to hear you have to get a root canal. Yes, we do them.

About Hospital Visits

There are some procedures that are just not feasible to get done in the dental clinic. Removing deeply impacted wisdom teeth is an example that springs to mind. A young child who needs extensive treatment is another...

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